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Board of Adjustments

Board of Adjustments Members are:

Name Position
Gil Cherry Board Member
Joe Marlett Board Member
John McPherson Alternate Member
Keith Brock Alternate Member
L. B. Taylor Board Member
Terry Bennett Board Member
Terry Blankenship Board Member
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Citizens may request a hearing of the Board of Adjustments to grant a variance to build a structure that exceeds the setback requirements set by the City Commission and reflected in the zoning section of the City's Code of Ordinances.

Deed restrictions apply if they are more restrictive than the City's setback requirements.

Setback Rules
Setback rules for zones A, B, C, and D are as follows:

Front Yard Setback
There must be 25 feet between the front property line and the front line of any structure.

Side Yard Setback
There must be at least five feet from the side property line to any structure. At 80 feet from the front lot line, a detached accessory building may be three feet from the side property line.

Rear Yard Setback
A detached accessory building may occupy no more than 60% of the minimum required rear yard. The minimum required rear yard is 20% of the lot depth and is not to exceed 25 feet. This is measured from the center of the alley if the alley exists.